The Lund Railroad Crew - Railroading for leisure and in earnest

Lund still has at least two large railroads, those of The Lund Railroad Crew ("Lundarallarna") and of the Swedish State Railways. The Lund Railroad Crew is a model railroad club with about 15 members and, its first documented meeting on February 2nd, 1982. Prefatory inquiries had then been going on since summer 1981. Our first layout was built in a small basement room on Revingegatan 3 in Lund. We stayed there for a little more than a year, until we found an opportunity to build something significant at Linero in Lund. The new layout room was substantially larger and was better in lots of other aspects as well. We stayed there fore a little more than 18 years, 1984 - 2002, and built two successive H0 scale layouts there. The first was demolished after a few years, and the second got almost finished. The crew constructing the second Linero layout is not quite the same as the gang today, and it follows that we now have a different opinion about what our layout is intended for, and it is also great fun to start from scratch. In addition there was not enough room for the expanding 0 and N scale layout that have appeared in recent years. May 28th, 2002 we therefore moved to Dag Hammarskjölds road in the same town. Our new facility has the advantage of being considerably less expensive than our old. Our 0 scale layout like the N and HO scale ones now has an area of its own. The club has consequently so far built three H0 layouts and is on its way to the fourth. In addition, we have an exhibition layout built on modules and about 3 x 4 meters in size. Our 0 scale layout is growing in our new facilities and, not the least, it has risen significantly. It was previously located under the H0 track, but now it has "correct" working and viewing height. Our N scale layout is now also expanding from being a bookshelf construction to a freestanding unit.

Our members are a good mix of boys ranging from 25 to 70. Notwithstanding, we happily accept both younger and older members, both boys and girls. However, it is a demand and a prerequisite in our hobby that you have an intact playful mind.

At our new meeting place, we are now, 2002, constructing three new layouts, one in scale 0, one in H0 and one in N. Our H0 layout is currently only in the planning, and in real life we have to contend with having our modular display circle up and running. We continue to model Scania (Skåne) and the Lund region some time between 1930 and 1960, but we plan more landscape and industries than before and to arrange our tracks as a point-to-point railroad, like in reality. Among other things, our discussions concern the possibilities to arrange train storage, demonstration operations and traffic, not the least.

Our 0 scale layout is a continuation of our first scale 0 construction, which to some extent also applies to parts of the N scale layout.


We enthusiasts call model railroading the perfect hobby. It can reflect and accommodate almost anything. Provided you accept it being done as a model.

First of all railroad construction and operation. Track laying, electrical wiring, shunting yards and station planning and more. However, timetable operation was our Achilles' heel. Our new layout will be built so that precisely traffic gets in the centre.

Urban society, countryside and development of communications are always there. Every layout can have elements of rural areas, small town and big city but you will have to focus and provide the viewer with snapshots. An engine station was under slow but steady construction and is likely to be included also in our HO layout #4. It is in the O scale one.

Landscaping was continuously progressing, and we had certain views, which we were quite satisfied with. Hopefully, we will be able to continue building with previous experiences as our base.

Model railroading is also a heaven for those that want to fiddle with electronics. Here the possibilities are innumerable, ranging from the seemingly simple task to get realistically functioning lights in engines, cars and buildings to controlling engine movements, turnouts and more.

A model railroad club also means model building. Most is done at home, but for a few years, the diehards would meet on Thursday nights around private brass construction projects. Maybe, some day they restart the workshops.

Many club members also have an interest for history or technical history. We also have an international extension within the limits of our hobby. This means that we collect knowledge and rolling stock from different countries, above all Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

In brief, we can mirror almost anything or at least convey many different perspectives on our hobby, small-scale railroads.

Christer Kedström 5 August 2002